A Thousand Miles...The Journey Continues

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Last year I wrote about the journey my life is taking me on and recently I have had many inquiries as to the status of things thus far. And while I admit things haven’t been easy, it has been interesting. And truth be told, exciting. Ok, not so much exciting as different. I tend to get bored with routine so this move has been right up my alley.

We have learned to get around our new city with the help of our mostly annoying GPS, although it’s always nice to say “Hey, let’s go here” and be able to just jump in the car and drive somewhere without any assistance. We’re getting to that point but are keeping old Mabel (the GPS that mostly takes us the long way to anywhere) on hand for emergencies. We’ve been scoping out the grocery stores in the area, checking out the malls. There’s always someplace we haven’t been so it isn’t dull. But It’s also nice that places are becoming familiar.

Our apartment is fully furnished with the new that we bought out of necessity and what we had delivered to us from the old place. A nice mix. To be honest, it didn’t feel like home until I had the familiar pictures on the walls, throws on the furniture. We have some really great neighbors and some that aren’t so much. People to wave to as we pass by and talk to as we walk around the complex who are beginning to know who we are. That’s always a plus when you’ve moved to a different state. I’ve decided that I have never met friendlier people than those I have encountered here. More than willing to say hello and strike up a conversation with you even though you are a complete stranger. That’s rare these days.

I am now gainfully employed in an office after a short stint in the retail world. I work with wonderful people and while the money isn’t what I am used to, it pays the bills (mostly…a second job takes care of the rest). I noticed while I was working in retail (which I loved), after I learned the system there were no brain waves required to do my job. Made it kind of boring. Now that I’m back in the professional world, I have constant brain activity but I miss the daily contact with the customers. Other than speaking with my co-workers or an occasional phone call, none of the outside world enters the hallowed halls of my office. It makes me wish I could blend the two positions together but I won’t complain. I have a job with benefits and I have my writing on the side. I’m not setting the world on fire but it’s enough. For now.

I have become more involved in the social media world, which in the past was very closely monitored so not a whole lotta fun. It has given me new avenues for posting my blogs as well as an opportunity to “meet” people from all over the world. I’ve learned about hashtags and Pinterest. Friday Foolishness and the dumbassery of life. And how my way of raising children wasn’t so bad.

The hardest adjustment for me has been missing my younger daughter. I know she’s a grown woman but I miss her so much. We Skype often, text daily and talk a lot on the phone but it’s not the same as actually going to her house to see her. I am counting the days until she comes to visit next spring. All attempts to convince her to move here have so far been unsuccessful. Maybe when she sees how great it is she will reconsider but I doubt it.

My older daughter has settled in and after a year of being a stay-at-home mom, is looking for a job. She definitely misses her friends in the homeland but really likes where we live. She would rather have a house than an apartment and has been making noises about getting her own place but for now, she is content. I honestly don’t know what I’ll do if (and when) she moves out. I’ve never lived alone and I enjoy having her with me. Other than being a slob, she is a really great roommate. Even tempered and kind of mellow, although I know when she reads this, she will laugh at that remark.

After a few rough months, my grandson is loving life. A lot like me in that he is a people person, he makes friends easily and has a growing number that he plays with on a daily basis but he still wants to go to “school”. Being at home is hard for him having spent his first two years in daycare and he loves the constant activity that goes on in that type of atmosphere. His vocabulary is that of a boy much older (in a good way) and he loves to see how things work. He is rambunctious and outrageous, as evidenced by his multiple trips to the emergency room. Scalding hot tea (he was thirsty), pasta in the ear (wanted to see if it fit), finger sliced open (it didn’t look sharp).

The keeping in touch with Dad/Grandpap thing didn’t work out so well. We tried. He called or texted me constantly with threats and out of control comments so that when my phone broke, I didn’t replace it. Just bought a new one with a different number. My daughter was getting up to four or five calls a day every day from him. Each one was a litany of his problems and orders for me to call him as soon as possible about trumped up issues that I had “left behind.” When we made my grandson talk to him, he had nightmares (tell me small children have no clue what’s going on). She finally had her number changed despite her guilt over doing so. She had had enough. Of course I am to blame for all of this, as is mentioned every time I have to correspond with him via email but then again, he never has been one to take responsibility for the consequences of his actions. And will never believe that she actually did something on her own. I’m used to it and I no longer challenge the accusations. It doesn’t make a difference and I no longer care.

Change does not come easily to most people. Human instinct tells us to stay with the familiar, the safest course. I don’t subscribe to that. I truly believe that if you don’t make changes, you can’t grow to be the person you were meant to be. It’s a difficult challenge for anyone but if I can do it, it should be easy enough for anyone. Ok, not easy but definitely possible. While I’ve made many adjustments in my life, I’m in a place now where I can comfortably say I’m glad to be here. But most importantly (not to be sappy or anything), I’m happy.


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