Time Frame

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There are times you wish—”wish we both were in the same time frame”!!
Year: 2031
An IT tycoon, father of two children and their beautiful mother—What else can anyone ask for?
A reunion—seems that’s what you want when you think you have got everything—you need those people who were around in times of struggle.
I had to call her; she had always been around, just not past twelve to fifteen years. It wasn’t that difficult either to track her down, since we had an abundance of common friends. But I was wrong—it became a Herculean task to track her down—whomsoever I asked, no one had a clue about her. It even crossed my mind once that she may not even be alive.
I didn’t bothered to enquire about her when she’d been there all the time for me. I prioritized my life so much.
She had been my interest and my greatest friend thereafter.
I still remember the day I met her. We had crossed each other umpteen times, but never bothered to talk—-and one fine day, we were left alone—probably HE wanted us to talk.
Hey—that’s all I asked.
How, when, where, what … why? Well—you can imagine she had all the questions.
But I didn’t get annoyed, because no one bothered or even cared to ask me so much.
That was it. After that—wherever I went—-she was around, laughing, talking—-and it seemed I always wanted to be around her. One year passed like this and I thought it was a perfect time to ask her out.
I just knew she was the one—who makes me happy, so much that I love this life now.
And so I did asked her-—
She said—No!!
That was all and that was it-—it didn’t affect anything between us, just became awkward for a while, for the time we stayed in touch—she was the closest person around!!
I hate tea/coffee spills, especially on my papers—and they happen more often now—hindering my work—
I got married to my profession—there just was nothing else—never could find anyone interesting and I decided to stay aloof after that—-
But with no regrets—I love this life and I get to do everything I wanted to—
It was a weekend and I was drop-dead sleeping.
The phone rings.
She: Hello.
He: Hey.
I still remember that voice …
She: Hi. It’s been so long—where are you? How did you get my number—what have you been doing these days?
He: You still haven’t changed much ha ha, by the way I am hosting a party, reunion and it is pointless without you—you have to come and I don’t want to take a no for an answer.
She: And you finally got time for that.
He: I know you would complain—-lets meet; you have to see my kids, meet my wife.
She: Ya, is there any option I have?
And we talked, like before …
When I hung the phone down, I was numb for a moment. It was totally unexpected—fifteen years.
Talk of decisions, I think nothing went wrong in life—except one decision—a NO to him … back then I was so engrossed in myself, career that it never crossed my mind that he could be the one.
It was too late when I realized it was him.
The smoke circles were taking me back in time.
If it were one thing that I could change, I wish I could have turned back time to the day he asked me—!!
PS: I never went for the reunion party!!


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