Toni Doll

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I was making a fast dash through the aisles of Books A Million among hundreds of magazines and there she was…a glimse from the corner of my eye, TONI, my beloved doll of the fifties. Out of all of the glossy, shiny, art-designed covers, this one magazine Contemporary Doll Collector had caught my eye.

Toni had finely made the front cover of a magazine. To me it was as if she was on VOGUE. How I loved this doll. My aunt had gotten TONI for me one Christmas. She came with her own Toni "sugar water” permanent set and hair rollers. I was "STAR STRUCK!"

My aunt made beautiful, feminine, luxurious fabric doll clothes and to this day, I have Toni and the beautiful clothes that are in excellent condition designed and made by my aunt, Aline Murphy.

I am thankful for all the love I gave Toni and the love she brought to me. I was an only child and she was my companion. It is really hard to believe that was 56 years ago.


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