Turn the Page

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Storytelling is an amazing event children of all ages look forward to. The anticipation of intriguing characters and an oh-so-imaginative plot can certainly entertain young engaging minds. There are telltale times when we re-read a specific phrase or even the whole story over again to relive the wonderful feeling of words well spoken. As adults our individual stories also have a beginning middle and an end, thus our perceptions and experiences remain as unique as each tale told.

Like a fine feast, we dine and taste the words that become our reality on a day to basis, listening and processing the information all while intelligently interpreting with an oh-so tangible twist. Children have a surprisingly abundant ability to define simply what they feel and express with no reservations, as their emotions dictate words with a sweet spoonful of accuracy. Adults often drowned within our story-sponged thoughts as we utilize a funneling system to generate our unfulfilled feelings. Through the process of filtering unwise words and ideas, we stir together a riveting combination of caution and doubt while on our imaginary trip to our own truths.

Should we ever live in a world where succulent stories are told through the amazing eyes and loose lips of a child, we would live among truth and peace. As fairy tales are an insightful imagination of an innocent mind, they should remain to be genuinely and poetically expressed with excitement and clarity. To dine once again upon a child’s thoughts of what could be the end is an enlightenment of an interpretation derived from only youthful wisdom. The innate ability to know to turn the page with no fear from the beginning of a story, one each of us is destined to write within our lifetime to the end. Our individual tales are supported through wise children who hear and accept the simplicity of love for life. As adults, we struggle to capture this amazingly refreshing feeling, a magical story to the eyeless end- like all innocent children who believe in fairy tales.


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