Two Dozen Orange Roses

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The most beautiful roses I’ve ever received were orange in colour—two dozen. Somehow these were a reflection of my personality, subtle red emerged through the petals, but the most obvious colour was orange. They brightened my life for weeks as they unfolded from the firm embrace from petal to petal. At the constant kiss of sunshine, gentle breeze, and gentle touches they opened almost from a shy smile to a burst of laughter. They looked happy and resembled my smile … wide, honest, and totally enjoyable.

Even though those roses are no more, they tease my memories and bring such joy whenever they do. These memories take me back to a time and place when I enjoyed one of the most simple yet beautiful times in my life, and when it all came to an end I held on to those memories. So whenever I take a walk down memory lane I choose what to take out of those times with me … those two dozen orange roses!



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