Unique Freckles

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“You are perfect with a few unique freckles!” This is what I told my friend last night. I was proud of my analogy. She asked me what this meant. I told her I would use it in my writing. So here I am. To me it means she is perfect in my sight and what she might call her “flaws” I call unique freckles. Her tendency to have a loud and verbal political stance is one freckle. It doesn’t make her ugly or bad, it is a unique trait, one that I do not portray so much. The way she sometimes takes over the conversation when we are talking, that is a freckle. It doesn’t bother me, I smile on the inside. Anyways, those are unique freckles in my eyes. They make her who she is. Without them she wouldn’t be the friend that I know and love so much.

Everyone has traits (freckles) that make them who they are. Sometimes we ourselves dislike them, but without them we would not be us.  I talk to myself often, some might think this crazy, but I only have a daughter at home and sometimes I am lonely so I talk to myself. I tell myself things that need to be done. When I am in the shower I fill my mouth with water and spew it everywhere just because I like the sound. (Okay, my freckles are a little bigger.) I have an opinion on a lot of things and issues, but tend to keep it inside. Sometimes I’d like to be able to speak it, but have not quite reached that yet. Needless to say we all have freckles. Try not to hate them, they make you special.


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