Warning: You Are Now Leaving the Friend Zone

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Platonic relationships have been around just about as long as marriage itself. We tend to rely on these relationships for advice or even just a good vent. Sometimes they even develop into a loving relationship. If the advice to marry your best friend holds true, then everyone currently with a platonic best friend should head to the chapel to right away.

Famously, Ryan Reynolds and Amy Adams portrayed two friends in just such a predicament in the movie “Just Friends.” Reynolds loved Adams through his more-than-chubby days in high school and eventually returns home thin as a rail, still pining for high school crush and best friend.

But the whole concept of turning a best friend into your lover or life partner is far more complicated. If you’re considering leaving the “friend zone” with a best bud, you may want to think first about the advantages and disadvantages of turning friendship into romantic relationship before taking this risk. We’ve laid out a few of both below:

The advantages are that you trust each other, you have numerous things in common, and you share a strong history together. For most, our best friends know us better than our family members, and spending time with them becomes second nature. We come to them with everything because they have the ability to make us forget or just listen to what’s on our mind. All of these qualities are things we value in romantic relationships as well.

Disadvantages, though, are just as easy to list. What was once a succinct and familiar friendship will, no doubt, take on the pitfalls of a normal romantic relationship. If things go wrong, your usual confidant may now be the main cause of your problem – who can you turn to now? Or, things may move to the next level physically, but the results are not the expected, creating a very awkward conundrum.

These lists aren’t intended to recommend one viewpoint more than the other, but just a reminder that even the oldest adages have their pitfalls.

What do you think? Should best friends try to leave the friend zone and turn friendship into relationship? What are the pros and cons? Do you have a story of this happening successfully or unsuccessfully? Let us know!

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