We are Family — Families Rule!

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I have two brothers and three sisters [with me]! I must remind myself often that we are not toddlers, adolescents, teenagers or even in our 20’s any more. We have so much fun whether together or apart. We grew up as a close knit family woven in the fabric of Biblical principles and moral fiber. Not one of us was perfect then and are not even close to perfection now. But what we shared then we share now. Love.

I’m the only one not living in Florida with the rest of the gang but that doesn’t keep us from maintaining close contact. We tend to have a sixth sense about each other. A call or email will come just when needed most. Everyone’s married except me so I am the one who will take to the friendly skies or north/south Interstate and occasionally drive home. Our parents are deceased and after Daddy’s death, each of us expressed that we felt orphaned. Mother had passed on many years before but our Dad was the model parent as he had been before her death. He heightened his fatherly position to provide maternal and paternal wisdom through love, understanding, and communicating. He imparted wisdom and we listened. We talked about uncertainties and he provided reassurance.

We missed our parents deeply and this caused us to bond closer, if that were possible. We were always private but in public view due to the leadership positions our parents held in the church. Everyone’s eyes are always on the PK’s, “Preacher’s Kids.”

I’m reminiscing about the sweet memories stirring inside of me as I write this article. I’ve stopped to laugh, smile and weep about the beautiful family I have been blessed to call mine. It was by divine orchestration and His will that we were purposefully born into the same family. Such an incredible thought!

We surf the net together and burn up the frequencies with our mobile phones and land lines. Of the four girls, two are on Alltel and two are on Sprint. (As kids, we were the righties and lefties.) The 3-way calling feature, is a must have for us. With one flat rate on telephone long distance services nowadays, we reach out and touch without a second thought. There are even letter and card exchanges. I’ll get a shipment of fruit, citrus and tropical (mangoes). If I drive home, I’ll return with fresh and saltwater fish in coolers. They rock!

We have our differences and times of disagreements but unconditional love is the glue that holds us together. They are my best friends, I’m theirs. It’s hilarious how the brothers won’t take sides when the sisters are going at it about something. (I guess marriage gave them this training.) We respect each other’s space and other obligations. We do not interfere in each other’s lives to the point of causing problems in our relationships. (There have been some not-so-subtle hints from the sisters about my marital status. I told them I’m the only smart one.) No matter what’s going on in our lives, we are there for each other. It’s never too late or early to call. No meeting is more important than each other.

We are passing values and traditions to, two generations. We are a blessed family. We are grateful. We are the sons and daughters of the late George and Viola Ward. We are family! Hey, hey, hey! Families rule!



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