A Weekend of Friends and Bugs

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This weekend in New Hampshire …

Number of my godchildren I got to hang out with: 2

Number of children with an eye almost swollen shut bc of bug bites on Sunday am: 2

Number of children sleeping past 6:30am: 1

(total number of children): 8

Number of mothers drenched to the skin in the water bumper boats: 3 (of 3)

Number of rides Grace went on at Santa’s Village: approximately 20

Number of rides Whit went on at Santa’s Village: 2

Days of the year that it’s Christmas at Santa’s Village: 365

Number of fleeces purchased at Santa’s Village because it was cold: 2

Cups of coffee drunk each morning: 3, and nowhere near enough

Number of members of my family who found a tick on his or her body: 3 (of 4)

Number of times per day I doused my whole body in DEET: approximately 6

Hours that I slept in a twin bed with Whit Saturday afternoon: 1.5

Pages read this weekend: 0

Pages written this weekend: 0

Minutes of silence (other than aforementioned nap) all weekend: 0

Joy of children on scale of 1-10: 11

Odds that this weekend becomes an annual tradition: close to 100 percent.



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