What Dream Become

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Sometimes I don’t even want to dream. My dreams come true way too often and it’s scary. It could be months or years but they always come true … not all of them … but most of them … and one that really cuts deep into my heart is the dream I had about Anthony R. K..

My husband used to be a U.S. Marine. He was deployed on his second tour during the pregnancy of our first son. My dreams are the strongest when I’m with child. They are very intense and vivid. It was hard for me to go through my day not hearing from my husband because I was so worried about him being hurt in Iraq. The days I didn’t hear from him were really bad and I would have the most intense dreams on those days.

My husband went through boot camp with a guy named Kimungu. They later developed an everlasting relationship that all of us yearn to have. They were inseparable and traveled the world together. Kimungu was a fun loving guy that never had anything but a smile on his face. He lived in New Jersey after moving here from Africa as an infant. He was always in a good mood. He never had anything bad to say about anyone or anything. He was one of the most free spirited people I have ever met in my life. He meant so much to my husband and I.

Early one morning about 6 a.m., I was awakened by a call from my husband in Iraq. I was having a bad dream that Kimungu had died and that I was in New Jersey at his funeral. I met his mother on her porch and I introduced myself to her as her son’s best friend’s wife. Her face is so clear to me, and the clothes she was wearing … even the smells all around me. I hugged her and we cried together. In my dream, Kimungu had died in Iraq. We then went to the gravesite and it was so real.

My husband was calling to tell me that Kimungu had been shot in the head. He was ok, but had been hit by a sniper on a road patrol. He had been sent to Germany and was being taken care of. I couldn’t believe that the very same night I’m dreaming of him dying he was actually shot in the head. Needless to say, Kimungu recovered and they sent him straight back to Iraq to finish his deployment.

When the guys came home from Iraq, I told Kimungu of my dream. It freaked him out a little I think, but neither him or I ever gave it a second thought after that.

Six months later, Kimungu’s time in the marines was over and he was on his way back home to be with his family. They were so happy and they finally had him home after so many years and such a close look at death. He was ecstatic about being with his mom and twin sister. The last words that he spoke to me was that he loved us and he told my son Cory that the next time he would see him would be when Cory was walking and talking. I looked at him and told him to be careful. He wrote his mom’s number down on a notebook so that we could get in contact with him if we needed to, and then he was gone. That was the second week of October.

I was at work about a week later and I had a problem with the panty hose I was wearing that day. They kept falling down on me and it was very irritating. I called my husband and had him go buy me some new ones. When he brought them to my job, I kinda was having second thoughts. I told myself that the only time I ever buy new black panty hose was when I was going to funerals. At that moment, a really bad sinking feeling came over me. I started thinking about my family and everyone I love. For some reason, I had the worst feeling that something bad was about to happen.

One day later, I’m sitting at work and I go home for lunch to see my husband. He is walking around the living room in circles because he had received a call that Kimungu had been killed in a car accident. He didn’t know if it was true or not and we didn’t know how to find out. I dug out the notebook that he wrote his mom’s number on and my husband called. All I heard my husband say was when and how. Then I knew. It was true. Kimungu was gone. My gut feeling had been true, and my instincts right all along. It was one of the worst days in my life. I didn’t know how to comfort my husband after he had lost his truest, deepest friend. My world was turned upside down.

A few days later I was on my way to New Jersey to meet Kimungu’s mom and go to his funeral. I knew exactly what to expect. I knew what his mom looked like and what the gravesite would behold. It was like I had been there already. I hugged his mother and cried with her, and I described the gravesite to my husband before I even got there.  

Even though it didn’t happen exactly how it did in my dream it still happened and for some reason I am plagued with this strange intuition. I have dreamed of my own death when I was in High School, and it’s weird but things in that specific dream are already in place and I’m just waiting and watching for that day. I already know what to expect and I try to live my life to the fullest so that when that day does come, I’ll be ready. We all have to pay attention to our dreams and what they become.


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