Yes, I Am a Killjoy

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As most everyone knows we have dogs—a lot of dogs; and having such a big pack is expensive.

So occasionally things get missed.

Not the big stuff of course like annual check-ups, heartworm medicine, and the like. Just last month everyone had their check-ups and I’m happy to say everyone was in good health. But then came the purchase of flea control and heartworm meds. With so many different sizes of canines, we need a lot of different packs of meds that correspond to their weights.

And every time when Doug pays for their meds he looks a lot like Fred Sanford.

I don’t know that he means to do it. It’s just a gut reaction he can’t seem to control. He never resents it. It’s just expensive.

Anyway, I noticed a couple of days ago that Lazer had been paying Daisy extra attention. He hadn’t actually grabbed her yet and tried to have his way with her, but love was in the air. Then the one part of my brain that’s still working slapped the other and screamed “THEY”RE NOT FIXED YET!”

The plan was to get them both fixed after the rodeo. Everyone else was already. But we all know how that went. (A lot of things that were planned for after the rodeo didn’t happen.)

So it got postponed. And to be honest we’ve been so busy getting ready for the new store that I’d forgotten all about it until a couple of days ago. They’re never off a leash unless it’s at dog park; and with it being so abysmal here- (tomorrow and Saturday it’s predicted to be 107 degrees) we haven’t been to dog park in months.

Lazer was looking for love for sure. But with him being so giant and Daisy so small by comparison, their love was not meant to be. (Not that we would’ve let it have been anyway.)

Daisy hopped up on the back of the big leather chair by the windowsill. Lazer put his front paws on the side of chair and started doing his thing. And since I was sitting in the chair at the time I stopped his fun.

He looked confused as most males do when you interrupt their playtime.

I called the vet and was told it’d be next week before I could get an appointment for Lazer. So not wanting to play defense for almost a week, I called Evelyn and asked if Daisy could come spend the next five days with her at Miss Bunny’s Day Spa.

And of course being the good egg that she is, she said OK.

Before taking Daisy over there, we took her to get her nails cut and I gave her a bath. When we got there I put Soft Claws on her. Daisy has strange nails. They’re more like cat nails. They’re sharp, seriously sharp, all the time. She doesn’t mean to hurt you. But when she gets excited she paws at you and the results can be bad. Doug damn near needed stitches last time.

I looked at their sizing chart online and thought I’d ordered the right size. However once I got them on her I noticed they were a tad large. Evelyn says that Daisy now has “Ho toes.” Which may be kinda true, but at least she doesn’t have the dreaded “Ghettoes“.

The good news is that Daisy is no longer a danger. And that’s a good thing.

The bad news is that now Daisy’s not there, Lazer is manic looking for her. He walks and walks and yodels then breaking into howls.

It’s sooo sad. And sooo annoying, especially at night when you’re trying to sleep—emphasis on the word trying.

We went to Evelyn’s the next day and when I came home, Lazer jumped on me, literally like white on rice. His paws reach my shoulders. He wrapped them round me as best he could, and his fun commenced. Well he thought it was fun anyway.

He was a dog on a mission and wasn’t thrilled by being put off. I called Doug and told him to hurry home, that I was being molested.

By the time he arrived it was all over.

I was sitting in the corner whimpering and Lazer was smoking a cigarette.

Our puppies are due around Halloween.

Doug and I were having a hard time figuring out why Lazer was acting so nutso since Daisy wasn’t there. Then it came to us. While I was at Evelyn’s I’d been holding Daisy on my lap. I had essence of Daisy all over me; and although it couldn’t be seen, apparently he knew it was there. He really knew and it was—enough to set him off like a water wiggle.

As soon as we figured it out, I took off the dress and threw it in his crate. He ran in after it.

On the plus side he settled down. On the minus side, I think that dress is a goner.

But before I forget, I wanted to let everyone know that I’m registered at Puppies “R” Us.


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