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The G-Spot (Part 3)

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If you are like me and grew up in a religious milieu, whether you were Catholic, Jewish, or even Muslim, you must have heard the Old Testament read to your from an authoritative pulpit as it begins the story of Adam and Eve in Genesis. When God condemns Eve after she eat of the fruit of knowledge, God says unto her, “I will greatly multiply thy sorrow, and thy conception; in sorrow thy shall bring forth children. (Genesis 3-16)

This phrase has been on my mind since I became a doula. In the last few years I have studied many of the interpretations of this particular passage, and I have spoken to a few scholars about it. Someone immediately turned the phrase around and got the Jesus interpretation of the role of women and childbirth; someone told me that indeed a woman is the cause of all men’s problems. But I respect the Old Testament too much and God too much to believe that those are the only possible explanations, I noticed that many commentary emphasize that God only meant those word to an Eve who has sinned. The concept of sinning is a difficult one for many of us until we truly understand this word.

Etymologically speaking, sin simply means “without,” so to be a sinner is to be without GOD. That is, we are in sin when we live a life without the acknowledgment that we are one with God, Mother Nature, the Universe, and everything in it. Sin is when we feel separate rather then unified. Sin is when we see our neighbor different and in competition with us, sin is when we forget we are one with the miraculous. Thus in sin, childbirth can be painful and traumatic.

But what if we use the nine months of pregnancy and discover our oneness with the Universe? What if we become one with Mother Nature grateful for her perfect design? She has given us a special, and a tangible spot: the glorious G-spot that can bring us, joy and ecstasy with our loved one and moreover, an orgasmic birthing experience. Letting go of the shame I was taught in Catholic school linked to sexual pleasure, I rejoice in knowing that if I live a life without sin I can be proud of having experienced an orgasmic birth and I can help my clients obtain one too.

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