3 Steps to a Proper Functioning HVAC

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Understanding what is an HVAC, is important for any homeowner or building maintenance worker to know, so a comfortable environment is consistent throughout the day. The HVAC acronym stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning and refers to your home's heating and cooling system. This system pulls fresh air from the outside and cools it or heats it depending on the need. In drier climates, dry air cools quicker and in colder climates, this system can also aid in keeping humidity levels at a comfortable level and either add moisture to the air or take it out.

One important function of your home's heating and cooling system is to keep out bacteria, mold and other bad particles in the house which can cause severe allergies. Ventilation is a primary component of your home's heating and cooling system as it works to provide adequate ventilation with filtration, to supply quality indoor comfort. The EPA recommends homeowners consider using natural ventilation such as windows to aid in cross-ventilation of a home or building.

According to Joe Hnidzo, a building inspector with over forty years of construction experience recommends the following, to check for a proper working HVAC system:

1. Check the thermostat controls to make sure the switches are set correctly.
2. Clean or replace the air filter.
3. Check the breaker box to see if the switch has tripped.

"Beyond that, you need an experienced person with a reputable A.C or Heating/A.C. license. I don't recommend
using a handyman for this particular problem as issues may arise with the homeowner's warranty, especially if the handyman is not licensed." Joe states.

Permits may or may not be required for the repair work that is needed on your HVAC system depending on the state you live in. However if the entire unit is being replaced either inside or out, permits do need to be obtained.
In the state of Texas, people can look up a contractor's license on the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation website. Reviews of contractor's work should be viewed on the Better Business Bureau and any work done on your home system should be handled by a licensed professional. Taking the time to ensure the reliability and credibility of a contractor will save you time in the end.
Rebecca Asher is an author and freelance writer and resides near Fort Worth, Texas.


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