4 Tips for Creating a Baby Nursery

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Becoming a mom is an exciting time, whether you’re new at the game or you’ve done it before. Either way, your new addition to the family will need a room to call home, and that means you’ve got your work cut out for you with decorating your baby’s new nursery. Of course, you want the bedroom to be an adorable space, but it’s just as important to make it safe and comfortable for your newborn. Keep these things in mind as you begin the decorating process!

1. Baby-proofing is a Must
First and foremost, the room needs to be a secure and safe environment for your baby. This means no sharp edges, no small loose objects, and no medicines or chemicals that could be within a baby’s reach. If you do need to keep medicines in the room for your baby, keep them on the top shelf of a cabinet or in a locked drawer. For your own sake, baby-proof every single drawer and cabinet door with child-proof locks. Although you may not have hazardous objects in every part of the room, it will save you a lot of trouble as your baby starts crawling and trying to touch everything it can get his or her hands on.

2. Add Soft Touches
Soft, delicate fabrics are one of the sweetest ways to make a baby’s nursery a special place. Make sure the floor is covered in a comfortable carpet fabric – after all, this may be the place where your baby learns to crawl and walk! If you have hardwood flooring, make sure to cover it with carpeting that will at least soften the areas your baby will soon crawl across. The carpet should also be easy to clean and dark or patterned to hide spills and stains. Although you must be mindful of blankets as a potential choking hazard, do choose a soft, warm blanket to cover your baby as you rock him or her to sleep. On that note, a rocking chair is a great investment for a nursery and can really help you get your baby to doze off.

3. Solve Storage Issues Before they Start
Your baby is little now, but soon he or she will start to crawl, and each passing year will mean more clothes, gifts, and toys to play with. Think about where you will store all your baby’s things now so that you don’t have to worry about it in the future. Designate where toys will eventually go, organize the closet space to make room for clothes and shoes, and add in shelves or cabinets for books.

4. Rooms Need to Grow Up, Too
As your baby transitions, his or her bedroom will need to, too. Think to the years ahead, and buy furniture that can transition into teenage years. While your baby may not need shelves for books or a desk right now, there will come a point in time when those things are necessary, and they can always be used to store things in the meantime. And while it might be adorable to buy a racecar bed right now, your child will eventually outgrow it. Pick items that can transition well into toddler, child, and teenage years with ease.

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