The Best Bottles of Bubbly Under $25

We’re not experts on sparkling wine or even the proper way to taste it, but we are experts on pretending to be fancy ladies. And the best way to fake the fancy whether for a Valentine’s Day dinner or lady brunch or lounge-time on your couch by yourself is to sip intoxicating bubbles. The following sparkling wines taste anything but cheap and if you remove the price tag, they’ll look even more mysterious and fancy—just like you.
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You undoubtedly know about the budget-friendly Korbel brand but there are other options for the high-brow libation at a low-brow cost.

Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi Brut ($9.99)
We all agreed that if you’re called upon to drink a lot, this bottle is a great choice because it’s wallet-friendly and less sweet than most sparkling wines. Some noted citrusy, woodsy flavors, while Amy talked about how she liked that the bubbles danced in her mouth. (It’s possible she was already a little drunk.)

Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi Extra Dry ($9.99)
Thanks to its sweet and lemony flavor, we imagined this bottle would go well with dessert—perhaps a custard or fruit pie. Of course, we think lots of things go well with dessert.  Still, the honeysuckle sweetness is balanced by the freshness of fruits like green apple and pear, making it Devon and Katie’s favorite.

Roederer Estate Brut NV ($16)
This sparkling wine from California’s Anderson Valley was one of our favorites. It had a bright, citrusy taste with notes of fruit, such as peach and apricot.

Chandon Brut Classic ($22)
“It’s sweet and fruity and I love it,” gushed one taster. The Chandon (produced in Napa Valley) had a smoother mouthfeel, with less carbonation than other brands, and a nice, mild flavor, with notes of pear, currant, and spice. We enjoyed the fact that it was easy to drink (we like when getting tipsy has a low barrier of entry). Some compared its aftertaste favorably to a drier version of a hard cider.


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