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The Best Brews from SF Beer Week

  • Hoptimum by Sierra Nevada

    At 10.4 percent alcohol, this intoxicating brew is not suited for the fainthearted. From the first sip, this deep amber-colored beer delivers an aggressive hoppy punch, leaving the taster with an immediate stomach-warming sensation. Although it features a prominent bitterness, hints of tropical fruit nicely cut the edge.

  • Sour Cherry Stout by Ale Industries

    One of the more unique-tasting beers of the night, this stout features a deep, authentic cherry flavor with a sour twist and hints of chocolate. With 11 percent alcohol, a pint of this coffee-colored liquid courage is all you need to let loose on the dance floor.

  • Pomegranate Wheat Ale by Moylan’s

    For those who would choose a Mike’s Hard Lemonade over an IPA any day, this refreshing beer is the yin to your yang. This tasty unfiltered wheat brew is blended with slightly carbonated pomegranate juice to create a delightfully fruity treat that would make the perfect accessory to a summer picnic.

  • Black Lager by Lucky Hand

    What separates this malt-forward beer from others is that it is 100 percent organic. This all-natural beer gives off a fresh-baked bread smell and has a yeasty quality to the taste. The beautifully golden-brown beer has a subtle bitterness to it, which is evened out by a pleasantly sweet grassy finish.

  • Indica IPA by Lost Coast

    With Northern California favorites such as Great White on their resume, the Lost Coast booth unsurprisingly boasted a substantial line—and for good reason. This beer demonstrates the art of balancing malt and hop characteristics, making for a pleasant, not-overpowering, marriage of flavors.

  • Lil’ Chief Pale Ale by Sonoma Springs

    Tasting this beer is similar to what I imagine gnawing on raw hops would be like. This concoction might not be a favorite among those with a fragile palette, but for hops aficionados, this is a real treat.


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