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A Bit of the Exotic

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Regardless of the style of your interiors, a touch of the exotic is always a personable addition to your rooms. I’ve found just the shop from which to acquire furnishings with far-flung flair. It’s called Inzamia—pronounced in-zá-mia—a name with as striking a mixture of syllables as the shop is an exotic assortment of furnishings from three different continents. Coined by the owners, brothers Sachin and Bhavin Dhupelia, the moniker pays homage to the places they have called home—India, South Africa and Miami. “We have brought together an eclectic selection of ethnic and traditional Indian carvings, British- and Dutch-Colonial items and clean-cut designs,” says Sachin, who with Bhavin fell into the furniture and accessories business serendipitously. “We were selling fabrics and clothing from India when a storeowner in the Design District asked if we could find furniture for him,” explains Bhavin. “I was leaving for India the next week and when I returned, I had 200 photographs of the different pieces he had been searching high and low to find without success.”  

The brothers began taking frequent trips to India and South Africa in order to build a varied inventory of furniture, accessories, and architectural accents. Before long, they decided to set up their own manufacturing base in India in order to produce custom furniture. “We can customize and manufacture any piece to meet a project’s specifications,” remarks Bhavin. “We are completely hands on, paying careful attention to detail and, when necessary, traveling to our factories in India to monitor order progress and quality control.” 

The duo’s furnishings can be found in boutique hotels from the Bahamas to Costa Rica, and homes from New York and Los Angeles to West Palm Beach, London, and South America. The least expensive items in the shop are small boxes in metal and wood for seven dollars and eight dollars respectively. Ostrich eggs from Africa run twenty-eight dollars, and the most expensive item available at Inzamia is an oversized bone-inlayed chest of drawers for $19,000. 

New for 2009 is the launch of their furniture line. “We’re designing furniture with a mix of metal and wood,” Sachin explains. “An early piece is a bone-inlayed table top with metal legs.” The Dhupelias, who ship worldwide, encourage their clients, many of which are interior designers and architects, to bring them their ideas for customization. “If clients bring us images of pieces they like, we create our own interpretations of them,” says Bhavin. “While we’re manufacturing pieces, we send clients photos during the different stages of development.” Sachin adds, “Seeing this evolution provides our clients with a sense of pride and the pieces become talking points in their homes.” 


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