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The Broke Socialite’s Primer to a Holiday Movie Party

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One of my favorite things to do during the holiday season is to take in movies with storylines that center on this wonderful winter season. I can’t think of a better reason to invite a few friends over to your home theater (it need not be fancy) for a day (or a few hours) of cinematic bliss. This gathering amongst friends and should not be taxing to your or them, so it’d be best if you kept it simple. Do also consider doing this with your immediate family!

I’ve outlined some TBS-like tips and resources that might be helpful in planning your own Holiday Movie Soiree!

  • The holidays are already packed with to-dos such as parties, shopping, and gift wrapping. Include your prospective guests in the date selection process. Since this is an informal and somewhat impromptu soiree, it’s okay to skip printed invitations. Instead, make personal phone calls to invite your friends.
  • Choose your movies. Here’s a decent listing of holiday movies that can be found on DVD.
  • For ambiance, draw the drapes closed and light candles for a cozy feel. Should you have a fireplace, this would be a great time to kindle wood.
  • Your menu should be simple movie theater fare: popcorn (perhaps offering a variety of flavored seasonings), Coke floats, Rice Krispie treats, an assortment of chocolate candies (Hershey’s candy bars, Kit Kats, Reese’s Cups), or even a hot dog bar. If you’re interested in ramping it up a notch, include hot chocolate with marshmallows, egg nog, or a signature adult libation.
  • Speaking of your menu, dependent on your audience, consider making it a tad more swanky: olives, cheese and crackers, figs, popcorn (no way of getting around it), bloody marys, and champagne. Top off the experience with desserts such as smores or brownies.
  • Holiday movies can invoke the need to wrap up in a blanket, so have a stack available to your guests. Be certain to launder them before the viewing.
  • Have Kleenex handy for tear-jerker moments.
  • Limit your soiree to two movies and allow for a break between the two movies.
  • During the break, an activity such as decorating ornaments, taking pictures or making marshmallows go over well.
  • If you’re serving alcohol, be certain to have water and coffee available to your guests, as well.

This affair shouldn’t break the bank. Don’t be too shy to ask your friends to bring an item; they surely won’t mind. I do hope that you’ll make time for a holiday movie night, even if you do it alone!


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