Budget Warming Recipe

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Hi, I’m Winter (or Joie), and I’m from Northern Lower Michigan—in the tip of “the mitt.” I love winter, and this year is no exception. The snow keeps coming! But, I do feel bad for my sweet husband, who has to keep blowing our driveways out.

People here hunt for deer. Some hunt for other game, but our family sticks with venison. Venison is a lean meat, and can be ground into sausage, a burger, or even a roast. Usually the family eats venison on nights I’m not home. For some cruel reason, it makes me almost deathly sick when I eat it.

I have a lot of leftover smoked turkey, and other great items. So, I mixed this up, and put it in the crockpot—it is fantastic. My boys ate almost all of it!

Winter’s “Everything but the Kitchen Sink” Recipe for the Slow Cooker:

1 pound of cooked meat or leftover meat (ham, burger, turkey, etc.)
One onion, chopped
Three large carrots, chopped
Two cans of chili beans (do not drain)
One can of black beans
One packet of Savory Choice vegetable concentrate
1 tablespoon of garlic
3 cups water

Mix all together and let it cook.

Mine took about three hours for everything to be tender.

This is also great over cornbread. 


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