Chickens, Their Earlobes, and the Eggs They Lay

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There are days when I find myself overwhelmed by even the most simple tasks. I dashed into the store yesterday to pick up some eggs. Ten minutes later, I was still staring into the grocery store refrigerator. It seems to me, you used to be able to just buy normal eggs. Now there are so many different types of eggs, I wasn’t able to figure out what I really wanted. There were organic, free-range, cage free, vegetarian fed, grade A, kosher, large, extra large, jumbo, medium, white, and brown eggs—as well as every combination of those varieties you can arrange. The only think I couldn’t find was a variety that had all of those wonderful adjectives contained in one egg. I got pretty close, though, eventually leaving the store with the cage free, grade A, vegetarian, large brown eggs.

Back at home, I was determined to figure out which was the best egg, so as not to be paralyzed by indecision next month as well. There are quite a few contradictory claims out there, and judging the best egg proved more than I was able to determine. However, I did discover some very interesting information regarding the color difference.

It seems, chickens with white earlobes lay white eggs, while chickens with red earlobes typically lay brown eggs. Wait, chickens have earlobes? Fascinating! While I don’t think earlobe color actually determines the egg color, I found it to be an interesting correlation. The next time I see a chicken, I’ll be able to surmise what color eggs it lays just by glancing at its earlobes. How do you find chicken earlobes, again? 


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