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Chocolate Sundae Cake: Sinfully Good, Sinfully Easy

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In the south, our menu selection changes entirely with the season, and each new season is something to be excited about. Right now, we’re all celebrating sunshine and heat, gardens and the outdoors. When the temperature reaches as high as it does here, that means cold food is a welcome delight.

This cake is definitely celebration worthy on all counts. The appearance brings to mind red balloons and barbecues but beyond that, the ease of it is stunning. I dreamed this up a few weeks back when I had company coming and wanted an impressive dessert with ingredients I had on hand. I was hoping they’d like it and the speed with which it disappeared confirmed that they did. Just to be sure though, I made another one. POOF! And another—POOF!

Alright, now I’m ready to bring it to you—with a POOF! Guarantee.

Chocolate Sundae Cake

Box chocolate cake mix (Dark Chocolate, Chocolate, Devil’s Food, etc.), prepared according to package directions
Large container whipped topping (16 ounces)
Bottle Chocolate Syrup
Cherries and chopped nuts for garnishing

Prepare cake mix according to package directions in a 9 by 13 pan. While still hot, poke holes all in top with fork. Pour entire bottle of chocolate syrup over cake. Allow to cool completely. Spread whipped topping over entire cake. Refrigerate for several hours. Garnish each slice with chopped nuts and a cherry.

Originally published on SouthernPlate

Photo courtesy of SouthernPlate


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