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Is Christmas Wearing You Out?

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There’s so much to do this time of year. Parties to go to, presents to buy, cards to send, cookies to bake, and decorations to put up. The list can seem never-ending and the closer it gets to the big day, the more tired you feel.  But it may not be just the list getting you down.

Yes, it’s a lot to do but you probably do the same amount of work the rest of the year—they are just focused in more directions. You have parties and other events that probably take just as much time, but Christmas puts you on overload.

Red and green are the main colors of the season. These colors were picked for several reasons. Red is for the blood that Jesus shed and green for everlasting life. Both colors were also part of a pagan ceremony that was celebrated about the same time and many of its traditions adopted by Christians. In these pagan rituals these colors were found in hardy plants that were able to survive harsh weather conditions and therefore stood for life in the middle of winter with the reminder that things are still alive, spring is coming and things will get better. When the two combined, so did their meanings.

While the meanings are wonderful and definitely represent the magic of the season, they may also be what are getting you down. Red and green are what we call complementary colors on the color wheel, which means they are exactly opposite each other. This creates a dynamic energy-filled combination. Whenever you want to call attention to something and make it really stand out, you want to use the complement of it. While this makes for a very dramatic and stunning environment, it also creates a room with a lot of energy.  

So this time of year, everywhere you look, it’s red and green. Trees, wrapping papers, cards, gifts, stuff in the stores. Out shopping and feeling drained, find a place to sit and try looking at something that isn’t so energized; even if it’s just your purse or bag full of your purchases. Don’t concentrate on the Santa sweater Aunt Sally bought you and you are wearing because you are having lunch with her today. Find something calming. Brown could be good, or blue. Normally I would recommend green in this type of situation, but it’s a bit of “the hair of the dog” so I would recommend you looking for another color that will release some of that tension.

Use the colors around you to give you strength and help you get through the days and you will have a more pleasant holiday and find you will enjoy it much more.


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