Cleaning Tips

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For cleaning rust, use lemon juice. Put it on the stain, let soak use soft brush or cloth to scrub if necessary. Then rinse. This has also worked on gel ink stains on clothes.

To clean polish out of carpet or clothes, use polish remover and a paper towel. First, test a small unseen spot to test for colorfastness. Place a small amount of polish remover on unseen area, wait, and then use paper towel to dry. Most materials are colorfast now. Second, pour polish on area, let soak long enough to soften polish, then gently pat area to soak up polish and remover.

To remove crayon from cloth or carpet, use a warm iron. Place paper towel over and under area (if on carpet under is not necessary), place wax paper between iron and paper towel. The heat from the iron will soften the crayon wax. The paper towel soaks it up.

To clean biological stains i.e., blood, urine, etc., use peroxide. Once the peroxide starts to fizz, use paper towels to wipe away stain. Repeat until stain is removed. On carpet, this technique works well with a shampooer for large stains.

Baking soda and bleach make a great paste to clean specific areas when you can't have the bleach spread to other colors or areas. Make the paste fairly thick though to avoid bleeding to other areas. Once stain is removed, simply rinse then as usual.

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