Cocktail on a Stick: The Whiskey Popsicle

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Visions of summertime: the ice-cream truck driving down the street, kids running alongside, a nice cool popsicle to cool the blazing afternoon. Now imagine a dark bar in Brooklyn, some salty company, and Tom Waits on the jukebox. Somewhere in the middle is the feeling you get with the new Single Malt Whiskey flavor from Bar Gelato.

Like all the desserts from Bar Gelato, the St. George Single Malt Whiskey bar contains very clean ingredients that are locally sourced and crafted in small batches. The Northern California–based Gelateria Naia is responsible for the interesting cocktail on a stick. Some other flavors from Naia include Tcho Chocolate (artisain San Francisco chocolate maker), and Blue Bottle Coffee (San Francisco micro-roasters).


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