Coconut Encrusted Fried Shrimp

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I know it’s a triple whammy on the grams of fat content, but the combination of shredded coconut flakes and shrimp, plus being breaded and deep fried … Oh Baby!  When served with a squeeze of lemon, a side dipping cup of cocktail sauce and tartar sauce, it tastes and feels like it’s out of this world.


2 pounds extra-large raw shrimp (10–12 count per pound; peeled, de-veined, and butterflied)

2 cups whole milk and 2 jumbo raw eggs (mixed together medium size bowl to create egg wash)

2 cups all purpose flour

1 cup shredded coconut flakes

2 teaspoons Creole seasoning

1 quart vegetable oil or peanut oil

1 large 3 inch deep frying skillet (half filled with oil, pre-heated to 350 degrees)


1.  Submerse your butter flied shrimp, spread opened wing, into bowl of egg wash, soaking ‘em for five minutes.

2.  In another bowl, mix together flour, coconut flakes and Creole seasoning thoroughly.  Then take each individual butter flied shrimp, spread opened wing, and coat completely with coconut/flour mixture.

3.  Deep fry in pre-heated 350 degree oil till golden brown and crispy, flipping shrimp over in oil to insure even browning.  Drain on paper towel and place on platter.

4.  Coconut Encrusted Fried Shrimp is an excellent main course that’s best served with lemon quarters, tartar sauce and cocktail sauce.  I love it when two cultures crash head-on … the result sometimes creates a new classic!


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