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Cooking in the Backseat: Mexican Dip in Twenty-Three Easy Steps

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While in the car, heading to a Christmas party thirty minutes across town, I discovered you can beat the festivities clock and make a tasty appetizer at the same time. Backseat cooking, not to be confused with backseat driving, is surprisingly convenient. As long as someone else is in the driver’s seat.

How to Make a 5 Layer Mexican Dip for Nachos in the Car:
Step 1. At home, gather up two serving bowls and stack ’em. One for the dip, and one for the chips. Place several spoons and one manual can opener in top bowl. Select a bath towel and wrap it all up. Hand the towel bundle to loved one.

Step 2. Run to car while putting on your shoes. You are already late.

Step 3. Drive to grocery store and dash in. Send loved one to locate Nacho chips. They are usually displayed somewhere near the front.

Step 4. Find dairy aisle. Pick up regular container of sour cream and bag of Tex/Mex shredded cheese.

Step 5. Find International Foods aisle. (This is often challenging.) Once you are there, look for Mexican food section. Study the salsa. Puzzle about chunky, medium, hot, mild or picante. Just choose one already. And grab a can of refried beans.

Step 6. Run up and down the aisles, trying to figure out where the heck they keep the condiments. Locate that aisle and apprehend a small can of sliced black olives.

Step 7. Meet loved one at check-out. Add in breath mints. Pay. Grab plastic grocery bag. Run back to car and hop in backseat while loved one gets in driver’s seat.

Step 8. Tell loved one to drive slowly out of the parking lot while you assemble groceries.

Step 9. Unwrap bowls and spoons and can opener from towel. Remove food items from plastic bag. Spread towel across backseat. Spread items out on the towel. Once you are ready, tell loved one to “step on it!”

Step 10. Open refried beans with can opener. Spoon out beans and spread a layer in the bottom of the dip bowl. Hold onto bowl and try to keep your balance while car traverses a corner. Dump used spoon and beans can in plastic grocery bag.

Step 11. Try to open salsa jar. Hand jar to loved one who is trying to drive.

Step 12. Have minor argument with loved one about the safety of opening salsa jars while maneuvering in heavy traffic. Wait in sullen silence until stop light.

Step 13. Thank loved one graciously for opening jar.

Step 14. Spoon out a layer of salsa on top of the beans. Screw lid back on salsa jar and place it in plastic bag.

Step 15. Open sour cream and spoon a layer on top of salsa. Set aside empty container. Wipe spoon on towel. Reassure loved one that you are not making a mess in the backseat of the “just cleaned” car.

Step 16. Tear cheese bag to open and layer handfuls of cheese on top of sour cream. Place unused portion in grocery bag.

Step 17. Open olive can and carefully pour off liquid into empty sour cream container. Place lid back tightly on sour cream container and dump in plastic bag. Congratulate self for thinking of that one. Spoon out a layer of sliced olives over cheese. 

Step 18. Tie up plastic bag and set aside for reusing and recycling contents later. Chilly winter weather should keep unused portions refrigerated if left in car. If you live in Canada, you’re laughing. Congratulate self again. 

Step 19. Wipe hands, wipe car seat, wipe face with towel (dip must be taste-tested as you go). 

Step 20. Pour nacho chips in other bowl.

Step 21. Arrive at destination.

Step 22. Ask loved one to adjust rear view mirror so you can apply lipstick. (Lower, no, higher, no, lower. Perfect). Pop breath mint.

Step 23. Disembark from backseat of car, looking beautiful and holding a fairly amazing 5 Layer Mexican Dip.


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