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Curbside Delivery

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While out for a jog with my sister, we came across an excellent find: five woven seated wooden lawn chairs (among other discarded and broken things waiting by the curb anticipating trash pick-up). There they sat, in front of a pleasantly designed bungalow duplex, and they were absolutely free for the taking. We quickly changed directions on our exercise route and headed back for the car, in order to shuttle our treasures to the house. Although we could only transport two chairs at a time, one in the front seat and another awkwardly placed in the open trunk, we successfully added a good set of well-kept chairs to our already pleasant and tiny backyard. We are thrilled with our find, and we encourage other young (and old…but especially poor college students) to not be intimidated by a trash pile.  Just be careful of sharp, broken, or jagged projectiles. Happy digging.

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