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The Dining Room Table

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The Dining Room Table
By Isabelle Presto

If only the dining room table in my daughter’s dining room could talk…
It would tell of so many happy occasions of her growing up years and with all the family seated together sharing good food and good conversation. The table was in my home where she grew up. It’s been over 30 years since the table came to live with us and now it lives with my daughter in her home. We celebrated all the holidays and special times around this table. We laughed and many times we cried sitting at that same table. How many stories this table could tell! There were all the birthday parties with both sides of the family. So many family gatherings were around that table. Just remembering brings a smile to my face. So many wonderful memories and so many delicious meals cooked by my mom.
I remember our first Thanksgiving dinner without my dad. We tried to make it a happy time, but it was a mixed blessing meal. Happy and sad. We still had our mom. The first New Year’s Eve without my dad, Mom went into the bathroom to cry at the stroke of midnight. Then we all sat together and ate and tried to enjoy the holiday. We sat together at this table for my son’s 21st birthday party with so many relatives. We celebrated all of my daughter’s birthdays around that same table. So many birthday cakes were served and lit on that same table. Now it’s in her dining room where she celebrates my grandchildren’s birthdays and other celebrations at that same table.
I remember how my mom would cook a big meal for all of us and carry a huge bowl of macaroni (people call it “pasta” now, but we always called it “macaroni”) and never asked for help. My mother enjoyed all the festivities and fun of family simply being together. How sad we were the day mom died, seated around the dining room table. It was as though the table cried, too. We sat around that table making conversation about mom and the good times. Life would never be the same for any of us.
We celebrated all the holidays for all those years around that table and now it was a part of our family. I’m sure our table smiled a lot at our gatherings. It’s been through all our trials and our happy times. I would hate to see this table go into someone’s house who didn’t understand its history. It’s our family member after so many years sharing everything we’ve lived through. I’m sure if the table could talk, it would join us in discussing all our loved ones, past and present. We love this table and all it stands for.


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