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Dinner in the Freezer

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One way to save money on groceries is to try once-a-month cooking (OAMC) or freezer cooking. If you search for OAMC or freezer cooking, there are various websites and blogs with recipes and ideas. With OAMC, you make a plan for meals for a month and make all of the meals in one or two days. The concept is that by purchasing the items you need, you may be able to use some items for a number of the meals. Also, you save yourself from making a lot of dirty dishes throughout the month and some meals you can make in an assembly-line fashion. In some cases, you can only make enough meals for a couple of weeks, so it is not so much work. It is an easy way to start so you don’t get burned out.

Instead of making a whole month’s worth of meals, I make a few meals in a weekend once in awhile. Since I am single, when I do this, I freeze the meals in individual portion sizes. I did this on Saturday. I made a few hot dishes and froze them in individual sizes. This is handy to take for lunch or so I know I have something almost ready when I get home, it makes it less tempting to stop for takeout after work. I either take them out the night before or in the morning. Also if you are making lasagna, meatloaf, meatballs, etc. you can make an extra pan or so and put it in the freezer to use at a later time.

You can also make various baked goods and freeze them. Also, you can make up cookie dough and freeze scoops of it on a cookie sheet and store it in freezer bags. Then you can bake a few at a time when needed and have fresh-baked cookies easily.



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