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Easy Fruit Cookie

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This is the easiest dessert to make for any occasion! My co-workers and family love it! And it’s got fruit on it, so you know it’s got to be good!

What you need:
1 sugar cookie mix
1 cream cheese package
1/2 cup of sugar
Variety of fruits—I normally use blueberries, grapes (any color, seedless though), pineapple, and strawberries, but you can use any fruits that you want!

Get out the cream cheese from the refrigerator because you need it to be super soft. This will be the icing!

Take a sugar cookie mix and mix up the batter like you’re going to make regular sugar cookies. Spread the batter out on a baking sheet. I normally use a 14"x6" baking sheet and spread the entire mix over the sheet making one large sugar cookie

While your cookie is baking, start to mix up the cream cheese and the sugar. Tip: don’t pour all the sugar and cream together at once! Pour in a little sugar and mix, and repeat until all the sugar is mixed in. If you pour it all in at once, the sugar tends to clump together.

Once the cookie is out of the oven and cooled, spread the cream cheese/sugar icing onto the cookie.

Now for the fruit—add the fruit in any arrangement you like on top of the cookie, cut, and serve! Tip: serving it cold makes it a little more tasty than when it’s warmer.

Have fun!


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