Easy Mediterranean Cooking Tips

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Adopting a healthier lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself of all your favorite foods.  You can improve your diet and the health of your family by following a few easy Mediterranean cooking tips.

“People don’t have to take cooking lessons to follow these basic cooking principles, and they’ll have a huge impact on your health,” said Todd Edward Parker, author of Change Your Life with the Mediterranean Diet.  Here’s what Parker suggests:

1. Supplement olive oil for butter whenever you can. It helps keep your heart healthy. “Anytime you’re frying with butter you should be frying with olive oil,” suggests Parker. He says not only does olive oil not clog your arteries, it also clears your arteries and keeps your heart healthy. If you really want the taste of butter, Parker suggests adding a little bit of butter to the olive oil once it’s heated.

2. Cook with fresh herbs. “If you have the time or the space, get an herb-garden going.” This could be done in the back yard, patio, or even kitchen window.” Parker recommends staying away from dried herbs, because they don’t have the health benefit of fresh ones. Herbs can also be used in place of salt. When using salt, Parker suggests using less than one teaspoon a day, and to substitute sea salt for table salt because it’s more natural. 

3. Substitute beans for red meat two or three days a week.  “Beans are very high in phytonutrients and vitamins and minerals and fiber.” If you crave the taste of meat, Parker suggests adding a small amount of meat while cooking beans, and the beans will take on the taste of the meat.

For more information, listen to the “Easy Mediterranean Cooking Tips” podcast with Todd Edward Parker. Bon appetit! 

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