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Eliminate Chaos Closet Tips

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Just say goodbye. If you haven’t worn something in the past year, give it away. Discard or recycle anything that doesn’t get worn, is out of style or does not fit. Put “maybes” in a separate section of your closet. If after the wearing season has passed for the “maybe items” and you still have not worn it, give it away.

Consign clothes. If your clothes are in excellent condition, take them to a consignment store near you. They typically need to be less than two years old.

Say it with color. Arrange your closet by color rather than clothing type. It’ll be much simpler to pull outfits together when dressing and it helps spot where your wardrobe needs filling out before you shop.

Practicality vs. color. If color-coding is not your thing, organize into dressy clothing, office attire, casual, and at-home wear. This will cut down the time it takes to search for clothes in your closet.

Eliminate wire hangers. Invest in wood or plastic hangers. They are easier on clothing than wire hangers. They will give your closet a beautiful finishing touch—inviting you to hang clothes in their places.

Everything has a place. Every time you take a hanging item from your closet, take out the hanger too. Keep it on the closet door handle or at one of the far ends of the closet, where it is visible. This reminder makes it convenient to hang the garment back up when you undress.

Happy feet. Shoes that are worn often should be easily accessible, such as on an open shoe rack. Shoes for special occasions can be stored in their boxes stacked neatly on a shelf or under clothes on the floor. Be sure to label them for quick reference.

Make the most of your space. If there is room in your closet, add a shelf at each end. If the shelf above the hanger rod has enough space, double-deck another shelf above it.

Give me my space. Hang all your clothing far enough apart so they air out and don’t wind up wrinkled.

Use hooks. Add several hooks to the inside of your closet door or on the closet wall to hang belts, ties, small purses and other useful items.

Stand tall. Hang clothes high. Make sure you have one section in your closet to hang your dresses, skirts, pants and suits so they don’t drag on the floor.

Let there be light. Install a closet light. Even if your closet is the most organized in the world, if you can’t see into it, what’s the use?

Mark it. Label all your children’s clothing, especially those things they’ll put down or remove (and then lose!). Labeling also comes in handy if you lend outgrown clothing to other children and want the clothes returned.

The best hiding space. Not enough room in your closet? Invest in a few under-the-bed storage boxes. Rotate your clothes by season from under the bed, to the closet. Be sure to measure how many inches are under your bed before you go to the store to make a purchase.

Disguise it. Small purses, t-shirts, baseball hats and more can easily be disguised on a closet shelf by storing them in a basket or wood box. Your items are still easily accessible, but you no longer have to look at the clutter.

Invest in appropriate closet organizing products. Purchase specially designed hangers that will help you store scarves, ties, belts, and multiple shirts and pants all on one hanger.

Someday it will be in style. Yes, styles will repeat, but when they come back in, they will still be slightly different – and you will want the “new” version of the style and the color. Don’t use this as an excuse to hang on to clothing that is 10 years old.

Eliminate it. If it doesn’t make you feel good or look good – let it go. You can always use the space for a new purchase – something you truly love.

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