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Exquisite Fruit

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(serves eight)
One perfectly ripe (if unsure ask fruit vendor) large papaya or two small
Two boxes of raspberries (strawberries can be used, not quite as good)
Two limes
1/4 cup honey or brown sugar OPT
One sprig of fresh mint OPT

Cut the papaya in half, remove seeds (look like caviar). If you are a papaya virgin, the texture is like avocado, the taste can be a bit bland, like avocado, to the uninitiated. The flavor will become released with lime. It’s slippery, but leaving unbroken cut into quarters, if large then again into eighths. Peel gently with a pairing knife, quite important, the skin is very bitter.

Place each eighth on a desert plate, if it’s too long cut in half width wise. Cut one lime in half and drench the sliced papaya with the juice of half the lime. Divide up the berries 1/4 of a box per plate, on top of the papaya slice, top with squirts from other lime half and drizzles of honey or sprinkling of brown sugar. 

Decorate with perfect quarters from remaining lime, some finely chopped mint, and a mint sprig.


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