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Eye Candy for Windows

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Now you’re all moved in, the dust is settling, and the custom high-end furnishings you ordered three—all right, almost four—months ago have finally been successfully delivered. You’ve diligently mapped out the layout of the new pieces. Everything is in position, and it’s all more than you could ever have imagined—yet the latest additions still don’t seem to complete the look.

You stare aimlessly into the room each time you walk by. Hmmm! You just can’t put your finger on what is missing. The sofa and its coordinating chairs are playing beautifully off of each other. The sofa has that rich, inviting chenille texture, and it’s the latest design. The incredible designer chairs are sporting the hottest new thing to happen with colored leather—and they have an amazing, rich “hand.” But even with all the cleverly combined textures and patterns, a sense of incompleteness exists. 

Let’s stop—and draw the eye across the floor and up the walls, to the cold black boxes that are staring back at you, once the sun dips down past the horizon. The void that you sense may be the lack of “eye candy” for your windows. You’ve spent countless hours on your designer furnishings, yet the windows are screaming for attention. 

The last—yet very important—step in completing the design of any room is providing art for the windows. The windows need suitable dressing. Don’t weird out about window treatments. Drapery does not have to be stiff and fussy, or look like the styles that were popular during your mother’s and grandmother’s times. Ideal treatments can be accomplished using beautiful and very contemporary designs. Simple but opulent, a sumptuous silk fabric can add just enough color and texture to embrace the frames of your windows. 

The eye candy we have just added has more than aesthetic purposes. Window dressings can act as a sound buffer for the echoing from hardwood floors. In addition to this, they provide privacy, and insulation from the cold and heat. Coverings for the windows are important in protecting your new furnishings from being faded by the sun. Even though your chairs seem out of reach of the sun’s rays, at high noon these rays will reflect themselves around the room. They will fade anything and everything—from the carpet, to your wood floors, to any leather in the room. We call this “sun rot.” Protection from these harmful rays is essential. Those beautiful Baker designer chairs will last years longer if you have the foresight to shield them from the sun.

Most windows are not standard sizes, and you will need custom window treatments. Call a local window treatment designer/specialist to ensure you receive the proper fit, design, and color. Don’t stop shy of a completed masterpiece. Dress those windows, girls!



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