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February Gardening Tips

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Warm weather mixed with moisture will greatly benefit plants at this time of the year. As long as plants remain in their dormant state, this is a good situation. Warm weather affords us an opportunity to work in the garden.

February thaws present a greater problem, as plants tend to break dormancy in this case, and if cold temperatures return, plants can be injured. I have seen a lot of mulch blown off during leaf cleanups. It is important to replace this mulch as soon as possible. Cold weather and bare ground are not good for your plants. If you have not yet applied Wilt-Pruf or a similar product, warm weather makes application still feasible. Remember: when the ground freezes, your plants can’t absorb moisture; anti-dessicants can reduce water loss.

This is a great time of the year to do pruning and a great time of the year to plan your garden. If you need inspiration, landscape designers can help you plan your garden.

Photo courtesy of Oliver Gruener


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