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Folding Clothes

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We all do chores in our house. I’m not the maid. I want the kids to learn how to work hard. I want them to know how to take care of their home. I can’t do it all myself. So I assign the chores and then I rotate them periodically. Recently, I rotated the laundry to myself. Did I do that because all three of my children have mastered it? Uh, no. I did it because the child it was assigned to was doing a miserable job. I tried to train. I tried to motivate. I tried to threaten. Could I have tried harder? Undoubtedly. But I like doing the laundry. So I took a rotation.

Recently, I was in Pasadena and I went to the Tommy Bahama store to get Willie a t-shirt. The man who helped me insisted on wrapping the shirt up as a gift even though it wasn’t. Before he put the shirt in the box he folded it with an acrylic folding board. I’d never seen one before and I was intrigued. So I went home and took out my smallest cutting board and started using it to fold shirts. I quickly became totally obsessed and refolded every shirt in every drawer in the house. This new-found fetish coincided with all of the closets being cleaned out (more on that later).

My cutting board worked pretty well except it has a somewhat rough surface so it doesn’t just slide right out of the shirt. So after a couple months I went on the Internet to find a “real” folding board. While searching, I ran across a video of Japanese clothing folding techniques. This is fascinating and you should definitely watch this video and then try it yourself. I have and it’s given me more than a few laughs.

Besides the video, I found an 8 1/2 × 12 acrylic folding board on the Internet and it came in record time. I totally love this thing!

P.S. I mentioned we cleaned out the closets. A few days after we completed the last one, I heard a great tip from Peter Walsh, the host of TLC’s show—Clean Sweep. Turn all of your hangers backwards on the rod. As you wear your clothes, wash them and re-hang them, turn the hanger the right way. Make a note in your calendar six months from the date you turns the hangers and when that day comes you need to take a hard look at the clothes on the backwards hangers. You’re not wearing them. There are probably people out there somewhere that would. Something to think about.


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