Fresh Strawberryade

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Most of us have folks in our families who can’t tolerate sugar like they used to raises her hand. They usually end up being left out in the cold when it comes to serving up treats. This drink changes all of that for sugar intolerant folks but also impresses everyone else as well—in a big way. The most difficult part of making and serving this is going to be convincing everyone it doesn’t have sugar in it. Honestly, even though I’m the one making it, I still find myself pausing and feeling guilty for drinking it—it tastes that good. This is the most delicious drink, sugar-free or otherwise, that I have ever had.

I’ll get on to telling you about how to make this incredibly easy and delicious drink in a minute because right now it’s tangent time. (Grins and rubs her hands together.)

These are the glasses my Mama Reed used for her tea at every meal. They were considered very fancy glasses but Mama Reed never put them aside for special occasions. She considered each meal to be special and worthy of her best. “Always set your table like the President is coming to dinner” is her often quoted saying.

For their fiftieth wedding anniversary, all of the kids went in together and bought her a set of fancy china, ivory plates edged in gold. Most folks would put them in a china cabinet on display and bring them out on holidays, but not Mama Reed. From then on out, those gold edged plates were eaten off of at least three times a day, every day of the week. She had a lot of wisdom to share in that one simple action. (Even if its just grilled cheese sandwiches and chips, when your family is together at the table, you have something to celebrate.)

The interesting thing about these glasses is that they weren’t acquired in a fancy store or even the kitchen department at Dunavant’s or JCPenney, they came from the grocery store, filled with peanut butter. With ten children and all of the other folks who came by on any given day, Mama Reed amassed quite a collection (no doubt she had good use for all of that peanut butter, too!). I don’t have any of her original ones but I’ve managed to come across enough to use them at my table, too.

Fresh Strawberry-ade

  • 16 ounces fresh strawberries
  • 1 Tub Crystal Light Pink Lemonade

Wash and remove tops from strawberries. Place in blender and puree until fully liquefied. Fill two quart pitcher halfway with water. Stir in drink mix. Add strawberry puree and fill the rest of the way with cold water. Stir well. If strawberries aren’t sweet enough, you can add 1/4 a cup of Splenda or to taste. I’ve never had to add Splenda!

Serve cold, over ice.

Photo courtesy of Southern Plate


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