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Fried Ice Cream

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That’s right, I kid you not! Fried Ice Cream … who would’ve thunk it. Follow procedure exactly, otherwise you’ll have a messy disaster to clean up.

Fried Ice Cream

Six  4-ounce scoops ice cream (your favorite flavor)

One large bowl Corn Flakes (pulverized)

One medium bowl Amaretto egg wash (Four eggs/8 ounces Amaretto liqueur mixed)

One Deep Fry Daddy (2/3 full with vegetable oil—preheated 425 degrees)


1.  Take each individual portion of ice cream, roll in pulverized corn flakes, dip in Amaretto egg wash, coating completely, rollin’ again in corn flakes, covering thoroughly. Place on plate and freeze for two hours before frying.

2.  Pre-heat oil in deep fry daddy to 425 degrees. Attention! ‘Tis imperative that oil has achieved maximum temperature, otherwise you’ll screw-up the fried ice cream.

3.  Fry one coated ice cream ball at a time, for 45 seconds, no more-no less. This is called flash frying—crisping the outside crust without effecting the inside.

4.  Serve your Fried Ice Cream quickly, for it’s a dessert with a short lifespan. If you want to impress a dinner guest, douse finished product with a light splash of 151 Rum, ignite it, serving tableside flaming, but no longer than a few seconds, blowin’ out the flame once patron is amazed by presentation.


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