Garden of Tranquility

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Planting the seeds of life is a tranquil experience, releasing stressful thoughts into lost, forgotten space. To grow bounty for the table of sustenance is giving grace and praise to the provider. Tilling the sod of earth rejuvenates the minerals, bringing forth their essence and wealth to the balance of nature. This, in itself, is the purpose of humankind … to replenish the depleted, to heal the open wound, to forgive transgressions of a foe. All balances one’s karma in this realm of existence, completing the infinite cycle of harmony … a total state of Nirvana.

Three Rolls of Squash: Squash prejudice; Squash destructive criticism; Squash War!

Four Rolls of Turnips: Turn up in times of need; Turn up with an extended helping hand; Turn up when promised; Turn up with supreme sincerity and benevolence.

Five Rolls of Lettuce: Let us have faith in humanity; Let us join the human race as one family; Let us give liberally to those in dire need; Let us love one another … quelling indifference; Let us be faithful to family, honor, and duty!

Plant this garden of tranquility in your life … and you shall then live a peaceful existence.


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