Get Scrap Happy! Unexpected Stashbuster Ideas

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If you’ve ever considered renting out a storage space just to keep some of your spare yarn, it might be time to start clearing out your stash. If you’ve been collecting yarn for a number of years, chances are you have more wool than you know what to do with — but don’t panic; this is where this fabulous collection of stash busting patterns comes in. No matter how little (or how much) you have of a particular yarn, there are plenty of free knitting patterns out there that are ideal for getting rid of all the scraps.

Get Scrap Happy! Creative Stashbusters

Knit Jewelry Holder: Lace weight yarn scraps can be tricky to use up, but this fun tutorial makes it a cinch. Pair a knit swatch of lace knitting with tacks and a colorful frame and you have the perfect earring holder! If you’re not big on jewelry, simply frame your knitting and hang it up as its own work of art.

Bow Pouch: Not only is this adorable Bow Pouch simple and chic, but it also keeps a secret. In the back of the bow is a cleverly concealed pouch complete with a button closure! Use this cute bow as an iPod cozy or attach it to a strap of your project bag and use it to keep extra stitch markers on hand — there are so many possibilities!

Autumn Gypsy Bow: Have fun dabbling in vintage glamor with this bulky knit headband. A pattern for both adults and children is included, so go on and make one for the entire family!

What’s your favorite type of stashbuster?


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