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Grape Treat

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The best recipes for me to make are short and sweet. Another element that I look for are things that are foolproof. I love ice cream, popsicles, and frozen treats throughout the year since I live in the South. If you have children this idea, which can hardly be called a recipe, is worth a try.

Wash either red or green seedless grapes and then pop them in the freezer. There is no need to take them off of their stems. Let them freeze then eat them while they are solid. Return uneaten to freezer while still cold.

Do this also with bananas if you like those. Peel banana and place a popsicle stick through it lengthwise before freezing. This concept can be used for a variety of foods. Bake a sheet of brownies until they are almost done, a tad undercooked. Pull from oven and when cooled, ice them. Place container in freezer and after ten to fifteen minutes, slice the brownies but leave in the pan. Cover the brownies and let freeze thoroughly. These are an incredible frozen dessert if you do not care about calories. Otherwise, don’t forget about the frozen grapes. They really are good!


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