Grilled Lemon Oysters

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A renowned delicacy of culture and taste, exhibited here in a state of simplicity, yet achieving a maximum level of flavor and zest through a basic style of preparation.  I’m a firm believer in … some of the best creations take the least amount of ingredients to produce a masterpiece of modern cooking.

Grilled Lemon Oysters:


24 Silver Dollar Size Oysters (In own natural liquor)

2 cups seasoned flour (2 teaspoons Creole seasoning blended with flour)

4 ounces butter (add a little more if needed)

1 large Lemon (cut in quarters)

1 small mixing bowl

1 spatula

1 large cast iron flat-top griddle (2 burner size length will suffice)

4 appetizer schooner dishes


1.  Prep seasoned flour in mixing bowl.

2.  Heat flat-top griddle on medium-high flame and melt butter, spreading all over griddle surface.

3.  Coat each individual oyster in seasoned flour thoroughly, lightly shaking off any loose residue, then place all two dozen oysters on heated griddle.

4.  Grill oysters 3 minutes per side (silver dollar sized oysters are big, thick & meaty, therefore, it may take a minute longer, depending on if you want’em less juicy), till a rich, dark golden brown crust has formed on each side of the oysters.

5.  When the oysters are done, squeeze fresh lemon juice onto them liberally (extra lemon if you like a lot of zing), then place in said schooner dishes, in even portions (I know you’ll be tempted to test two or three, so cook few extra for yourself…you’ve earn it after creating such a masterpiece!), serving four people.

6.  Now, set back and savor your Grilled Lemon Oysters … Bon appetit!


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