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Guac Chicken Sandwich

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I don’t know what’s up with me but I’ve been buying avocado. I don’t like guacamole so I thought I’d try to come up with other ways to eat this healthy fruit.

My first experiment, Avocado Lime Dressing, was tasty but this idea takes the cake. Here’s the thought … I don’t like guacamole because of the texture but I like all the flavors that are in it. So why not use them and make something I do like?

Introducing the Guac Chicken Sandwich! Let me just say … very tasty and easy to make. I used a precooked chicken breast from Aldis (love them by the way) but you could use leftovers or even a take this idea and run with it for a burger!


1 cooked boneless chicken breast
1 whole wheat English Muffin
about 1 tablespoon avocado (15g)
squirt of lime juice
sprinkle of chili powder, cumin, and dried cilantro
1/4 of a large green pepper
handful of baby spinach leaves
slice of tomato (or in my case a few cherries ones—I was out)


1. Toast the English muffin.

2. On one side of the muffin smear the avocado. Splash the lime juice on and sprinkle with spices.

3. On the other side of the muffin, pile the spinach leaves, tomato, and pepper (you may want to squash the pepper flat first).

4. Place the chicken on top of the pepper and put the avocado side on top.

5. Serve with a side of carrot sticks!

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