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Have a Coffee with Me!

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At the moment, I am working as a dégustateur at one of the great Texan grocery chain stores. I realize that they call me a demonstrator, i.e., a person who demonstrates how a thing is to be done—to be demonstrated! However, the only thing that I show you how to do is my cooking and that is what I do on the side.

My main task is to prepare something for you to taste, thus, to degustate! Of course, my ulterior motive is to invite you to buy all these products, so that you can prepare such a tasty dish or beverage.

So today, I am offering you to have a cup of coffee with me. Yes, of course, with me! How can I otherwise convince you how good this coffee tastes if I leave off drinking a cup with you?

You notice, I add one to three grains of table salt (this depends on the size of your cup) to your coffee. With “grains” I mean crystals of NaCl, not the obsolete apothekery measurement of weight. (Yes, I started off my professional carrier as a herbal pharmacist – and that’s another story!)

I now declare that you will experience another kind of taste, another kind of flavor!

Uurk! You turn up your nose. “Salt in my coffee? Never!”

So I ask you, if you have you ever tasted a cake without a pinch of salt in it?
The only reason that you put salt into your cake – and now the coffee! – is that it makes it taste better. You see, the salt works as a taste catalyst!

Now, I congratulate you on your courage. I assure you, it takes guts to try something new. And you do!

You open up your eyes and declare how good it tastes. (Of course, it does …)

So, with my best smile Isay, “Have a tasteful day!”


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