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Here Comes the Sun: Outdoor-Themed Decor for the Inside

  • Beachy Bristol Lanterns

    Bring the coast indoors with these white-painted wooden lanterns. Suspend them from the ceiling for an all-over glow, or arrange them in front of the fireplace to illuminate the room sans wintry, roaring fire. ($39–$79,

  • A Flowery Rug

    Don’t underestimate what’s under your feet. Invite in some summery brightness with this swirling and bursting vibrant rug. Tuck it under the foot of the bed or in front of the fireplace for a very unwintry burst of color. ($88–$998,

  • Fantastic Forest Pillow

    Toss a bright pillow on the couch for a quick burst of the outdoors—you’ll feel like you’re out in the jungle, too. ($128,

  • Tree of Life Wall Sconces

    Bring lush leaves inside with nature-inspired sconces. Since these candleholders mount on walls, get a double bang for your buck as they both illuminate and add a seasonal accent to the room. ($9.99–$14.99,

  • A Changes-in-Latitudes Painting

    You know how many words they say a picture is worth. For those times when we’re dying for sun and relaxation, taking in the tranquil blues and vibrant greens of the tropics—even if it is just through a painting—brings a little beach inside. ($79.99–$199.99,

  • Indian-Inspired Bedding

    Bring nature into the bedroom with some Indian-inspired linens. This whimsical quilted collage of flora and fauna wraps the outdoors around you—regardless of the spring rain outside. ($48–$268,

  • Sisal Rug

    Populate the indoors with outdoor decor, like this color-bound natural-fiber rug. Even if you’re trapped in the house, the beachy fiber and colorful frame bring a laid-back, summery vibe in. ($39–$429,

  • Butterfly Clock

    This hand-painted metal clock conjures up a golden afternoon—whether you’re indoors or out. ($39.95,

  • Terra-Cotta Desk Frames

    Break those vacation photos free from the computer. Print out some favorite beach, nature, or other outdoorsy shots and frame them in vivid, earthy frames. ($8,


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