How to Carve a Pumpkin

Drawing jack-o-lantern designs freehand can be tricky, so this tutorial will teach you how to use a stencil for flawless and festive motifs. Carve pumpkins like a pro this Halloween!

Begin by hollowing out your pumpkin. First, cut a circle in the bottom of the pumpkin, this will give it a flat base. Next scoop out the pulp, so you pumpkin is hollow. Find a pumpkin stencil online or draw your own design on paper first. Print it out at the size you want it to be on your pumpkin. Start stenciling by taping your design to the pumpkin. Next, use a piercing tool to poke small holes along the shapes of the stencil, transfering the outline of the design to your pumpkin. Push a keyhole saw in and out along the outline to carve the patterns. Finally, use a small clay tool to smooth any rough spots. Light a candle and set your masterpiece aglow.

For tons of free printable pumpkin stencil designs, visit our sister site!


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