How to Wire Wrap Pendants: 5 Wire Wrapping Tutorials

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When you've got simple wire wrapping techniques in your bag of tricks, almost anything and everything becomes a piece of jewelry waiting to happen! Take a pretty piece of stone, a gleaming cabochon, or a fabulous focal bead and wrap it up using classic wire wrapping techniques, and you've got a bright and shiny new pendant ready to adorn a plain chain or cord. Not only does wire wrapping pendants provide a safe and secure setting for the stone or bead, but it opens up so many possibilities for embellishment. You'll be leaving your lifeless beading thread behind once you check out these wire wrap projects. Learn five different ideas for how to wire wrap pendants with the free jewelry patterns featured below.

How to Wire Wrap Pendants: 5 Wire Wrapping Tutorials

Purple Passion Pendant – Wire wrapping techniques are perfect for displaying a rich, vibrantly colored stone. This wire wrap tutorial demonstrates not only how to set the stone, but also how to create an elegant scrolling embellishment to give the piece a bit of detail.

Peach Twist Pendant – The wire wrapping techniques used in this gorgeous pendant project keep the wire so cleverly concealed, it's almost as if the beads are just floating effortlessly on their own. This design offers an alternative to wire wrap pendants that feature a large focal bead or cabochon.

Wire Wrap Woven Pendant Tutorial – Learn how to wire wrap a stone into a wonderful woven web with this tutorial. This design really lets the wire shine, providing both a secure setting and a bit of pretty embellishment.

Curvy Wire Wrapped Pendant – If you've never tried wire wrapping and are feeling a bit intimidated, this tutorial is a good place to start. These clear wire wrapping instructions are easy to follow, so even beginners will feel confident that they can complete this project.

Topaz Sunburst Pendant – Can't choose between a wire wrap pendant with a focal bead and one with a bunch of smaller beads? Then combine them both with this wire wrap pendant design. This "twisted" wire wrapping technique can be used to create a sort of beaded halo around a center focal bead.

If you like these wire wrap pendants and want to learn how to wire wrap in other ways, then check out our free How to Wire Wrap Jewelry: 16 DIY Jewelry Wire Wrapping Tutorials eBook. Not only will you find the full instructions for the wire wrap pendants featured above, but you'll find 11 other wire wrapping tutorials for earrings, bracelets, and necklaces!


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