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Huevos Rancheros (Fast on the Fly!)

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Here’s a quick version of Huevos Rancheros that eliminates the hassle of making the sauce from scratch. It’s fast and basic, but still has plenty of quality and flavor. This recipe is for one … so, if you have more people, multiply the ingredients.


Two jumbo eggs (cooked over-medium … I like the whites done, but the yolks runny.)

4 ounces seasoned refried beans with jalapeno peppers (Ranch Style brand is great!)

2 ounces shredded cheddar cheese

2 ounces monterey jack cheese

4 ounces pre-cooked crumbled pork sausage

1 teaspoon minced fresh cilantro

Salt and pepper to taste

4 ounces Pace Picante Sauce (Heat in microwave.)

1 large size flour tortilla

1 Teflon coated egg skillet (Pam spray to grease.)

1 microwaveable dinner plate


1. Place large flour tortilla on plate, then coat tortilla completely with refried beans. Now top it with crumbled pork sausage, cheddar cheese, Monterey Jack Cheese, and minced cilantro. Heat in microwave for a minute or two, till it’s hot and the cheese is melted.

2. Meanwhile, fry your eggs in the skillet to style desired, season to taste, then place eggs on top of tortilla concoction. Now pour warmed picante sauce over the eggs, then top ‘em with more shredded Cheddar cheese.

3. Magnifico! You’ve just created Huevos Rancheros … fast on the fly.


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