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Incredible Staircase Designs

  • Philip Watts Design

    This looks straight out of The Terminator. Molten metal forms the organic looking backbone. _"Source":http://www.stairporn.org_
  • Frightening Stairs

    Conceptual architects Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann are responsible for this metal outdoor staircase.
  • Frightening Stairs, Another View

    I think I'd rather take the elevator.
  • Graz / Steiermark

    From Österreich, Austria _"Source":http://www.stairporn.org_
  • Last Stop: Lotus pond

    Stunning example of a steel and glass staircase. _"Source":http://www.stairporn.org_
  • Sci-Fi Stairs

    This bizarre staircase is located in Shenzhen, China. _"Source":http://www.stairporn.org_
  • Art Gallery of Ontario

    Architect Frank Gehry always impresses. _"Source":http://www.stairporn.org_
  • Sharon Temple Stairs

    From the 1800s, a steep staircase. Photo by Hugh McBride. _"Source":http://www.stairporn.org_
  • Bird's Next Style Staircase

    Not recommended when drunk.
  • Apple Store, 14th St. NYC

    I'll buy a MacBook if I can climb the stairs.
  • Cement Stairs

    I hope they're reinforced.
  • Didden Village by MVRDV

    Nice M.C. Escher inspired spiral staircase.
  • Hanging Staircase

    By Blencowe Levine Associates, photo by "Ioana Marinescu":
  • Really Steep Spiral Staircase

    By Silkmews Architects. _"Source":http://www.stairporn.org_
  • For Art's Sake

    From the KPMG accounting firm corporate headquarters in Munich. _"Source":http://www.oddee.com_
  • Comfortable Rope Bridge

    Luxury river crossing.
  • Lello Bookshop Portugal

    A very unique staircase for a very unique bookshop.
  • Austin Powers Would Be Proud

    They look soft enough to fall down.
  • How Awesome is This?

    Hard way up, fun way down.
  • Branches Make Beautiful Handrails

    An otherwise plain staircase comes to life.
  • Thomas Heatherwick's Original

    From the Longchamp store in New York City.


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