Ironed Sheets

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One of the luxuries I enjoyed in my childhood was ironed sheets. They feel cooler, fresher to your body. Growing up, we did not own a washing machine, nor dryer. Since my father owned a laundry and drycleaners, everything, except underwear, was cleaned there. Not until I was married with teenaged children did I finally pick up an iron.

Once I started ironing, I began pressing my sheets. I remembered how they felt years before. To make this easy, fold the sheet several times so that it is manageable. Once it is folded, spray it with heavy starch and press. Continue this until the entire sheet appears crisp. I own three sets of sheets and am able to rotate them so that one set is always ironed. Try it once and let me know what you think.

Now I wake up an hour before I used to in order to do a little ‘therapy ironing’. It is a quiet time for me where I can turn on TV if I wish or I can have a note pad out or I can be alone with my thoughts. I get a lot done in this 1/2 to one hour.

I did not know until a year or so back that my friends were so amazed that we did not have those appliances. I never thought about it once.


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